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Women's Committee Spotlight: Kenesha A. Raeford, Esq.

This month's Niles Barton Women's Committee Spotlight focuses on Kenesha A. Raeford, Esq., an associate attorney in the litigation group.

Kenesha explains that she always loved appellate advocacy. She was that one student in law school who took the extra writing course and couldn’t wait to write another brief to defend it in oral argument. As a coach, this allows Kenesha to pay it forward and support and encourage other's interest and passion in appellate advocacy. Kenesha believes that some people shy away from appellate advocacy because it seems daunting. She states, "I’ve learned however, that sometimes the strengths and skill sets which are necessary to be successful at the appellate level are there, but they need to be drawn out. Sometimes students just need that extra encouragement. I am not quite sure where I would be in my career today, if no one had encouraged me. This is why I enjoy coaching students and encouraging them.”