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Matthew Kimball Elected as President of the Board of Directors of LAI Baltimore

November 29, 2019

Matthew L. Kimball, Chair of the Real Estate Department at Niles, Barton & Wilmer, LLP, has been elected President of the Board of Directors of the Baltimore Chapter of Lambda Alpha International (LAI), a selective, international association network for distinguished professionals in all fields related to the use and development of land. LAI promotes the practice of designing, developing, valuing, and husbanding the use and maintenance of real property as a social good, by providing a forum for the transfer and debate of land economic principles, concepts, and projects among the variety of professions that constitute the practice of land economics such as architects, city planners, developers, appraisers, attorneys, engineers, and other real estate professionals and government officials. 

About Lambda Alpha International (LAI)

Lambda Alpha International (LAI) is an honorary, networked international association for distinguished professionals in all fields related to the use and development of land. LAI is committed to promoting best practices and making a difference in our communities. LAI has a network of 26 Chapters in North America, Europe, and Asia that offer a variety of programs with top speakers, relevant forums, and events where members engage in discussion and debate about land use, economic, and business issues that matter on a local level.

The Baltimore Chapter was formed in 1992 and its members – from business, academia, and government – represent a wide range of professions dealing with some aspect of land economic. The heart of our activities is educational programs including monthly lunches with presentations by key leaders in their respective fields on current topics of major interest. The diversity of this membership provides an unusual reservoir of talent, knowledge and expertise to draw upon for these programs and discussions. This reservoir in-turn attracts others with talent, knowledge, and expertise to the educational activities of Lambda Alpha at both the international and Chapter level.