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Niles Barton serves its clients on a wide range of product liability matters.  Whether an alleged product defect causes serious bodily injury or substantial property damages, the firm uses its extensive products liability background to defend retailers, distributors, and manufacturers alike in high-stakes litigation.   Products liability litigation often involves several defendants, experts, technical discovery, and multiple theories of liability,  which require adept management and analysis by counsel.  Niles Barton works with its clients to effectively, efficiently, and zealously defend their interests against products liability claims, including claims involving manufacturing or design defects, failures to warn, breach of warranties, and strict liability.  The Firm’s product liability defense practice has defended clients across several business sectors, including the construction, e-cigarette, fuel and gas, heating, and industrial equipment rental industries; and has also represented individuals sued for failing to warn of dangers regarding everyday household products, such as fire pots and space heaters.