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Niles Barton provides appellate services to clients in state and federal appellate courts across the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Whether defending a favorable judgment or requesting a reversal, Niles Barton’s attorneys have extensive experience crafting compelling arguments and securing favorable outcomes on appeal. Niles Barton’s attorneys work in tandem with clients from the start of an appeal, through briefing and oral argument until the final disposition to secure a favorable outcome.

While trial entails arguments intended to persuade a factfinder of the truth of a narrative, an appeal dissects and identifies legal mistakes that could or should have rendered a different outcome in the proceedings below. Therefore, the appellate attorneys at Niles Barton analyze the trial court record with an acute attention to detail in order to craft a well-reasoned and thoroughly researched brief. Our attorneys are also experienced in oral advocacy and appearing before tribunals made up of multiple judges. Our appellate attorneys are also litigators, who at the trial level have the foresight to predict the appellate issues before they arise and craft their trial strategies accordingly.

On appeal, credibility is king. Fortunately, since 1838 Niles Barton has cultivated its reputation of intellectual rigor and logical integrity that has garnered the respect of the courts before whom we appear. Moreover, a number of our attorneys have served as law clerks for judges on the appellate courts before whom we argue. For these reasons, the appellate attorneys at Niles Barton are the preeminent advocates for arguments before the state and appellate courts in Maryland and across the Mid-Atlantic region.