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Niles Barton is one of the few firms in the region with not only the knowledge and expertise to assist clients in complex estate, trust and tax planning, but also the litigation experience that is necessary for protecting clients’ rights when estate or trust administration becomes adversarial.  Understanding the elements of how trusts and estates plan are created, coupled with the ability to assess and formulate litigation strategies and avoid the inherent pitfalls that come with it make Niles Barton an invaluable partner. 

Niles Barton attorneys handle all aspects of fiduciary litigation including: will caveats; guardianships and mental competency issues; wills procured by fraud, duress or undue influence; misappropriation of assets by a trustee, personal representative or other fiduciary; defending fiduciaries against frivolous or fraudulent beneficiary claims; and resolving family asset disputes.  Our attorneys work tirelessly with clients in asset recovery, reconciliation, and when appropriate ensuring that justice is handed to the wrongdoers.  Fiduciary disputes cases can be technically complex but also extremely emotional because family members are often involved.  Niles Barton represents individuals, families, beneficiaries, trustees, personal representatives of estates, banks, trust companies, and other corporate fiduciary institutions in all such matters.