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A company’s brand – its name, logo, tagline and domain name – are the embodiment of its reputation. It is how customers, clients, and users identify a product or service. A clear protected brand can ensure a company’s product lines remain distinguishable from the competition.

We understand the value of an organization’s ideas and provide critical strategic guidance to protect those assets. Our attorneys operate at the intersection of corporate law and litigation to advance our clients’ most ambitious intellectual property and commercial objectives.

Niles Barton’s intellectual property attorneys help clients trademark their brands and then protect the trademarks from being violated or misrepresented, especially in today’s digital world. Our intellectual property team works with online retailers and brick and mortar establishments to identify what they need to protect and how best to do so. This means we frequently assist clients with selecting and registering trademarks and domain names and monitoring the use of their brand online.

Niles Barton also represents clients regarding copyright matters. The firm prepares and prosecutes registrations for all types of authorship, including computer software, architectural drawings and manuals and promotional materials. Our intellectual property attorneys advise clients concerning ownership of copyrights and create ownership strategies such as work for hire agreements. We enforce copyrights and defend clients from infringement claims.