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Niles Barton has been representing business clients since its inception in 1838, so we understand the intricacies of today’s business. From start-ups to public companies, there are many challenges in starting, buying, selling and managing businesses from negotiating and drafting contracts, managing employees, understanding and complying with government rules and regulations, to resolving conflicts between owners. Our corporate attorneys understand these challenges, so we help clients deal with legal issues and problems that impact their business. Our business lawyers provide solutions from cost-effective company formation to strategic legal and business advice throughout the company growth stages.

Businesses are also challenged with creating a safe and rewarding environment for employees. They must also comply with employment laws and regulations. Our employment attorneys counsel employers on compliance issues and legislative requirements. We assist clients in the development of standards and policies that are constantly changing with regard to discrimination, sexual and other forms of harassment, wrongful discharge, medical and family leave, disability and substance abuse. Our attorneys also work closely with human resource professionals on matters involving personnel records, compensation, hiring and firing, employee handbooks, and job performance issues.