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Niles Barton’s deep experience and a history of success in handling matters for our clients have helped to make us a firm that they rely on and trust. No matter how challenging or difficult the matter, our clients know we will rise to the occasion and do whatever it takes, whenever needed, to protect their interests.

Our Practices

Appellate Law

"Continuing to fight for a fair and just resolution"

Are you thinking about an appeal?
There are times when you and your lawyers fight the good fight, yet the court does not rule in your favor. When this happens, you need to decide whether you want to continue the fight, and usually you only have thirty days from date of judgment to file for appeal. At Niles Barton, our appellate lawyers work with clients and other attorneys to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine if an appeal is the appropriate next step. This cost-benefit analysis for appeal includes factors such as time, costs, reputation, changes in law, and ratio of success. Our appellate lawyers also review the evidence presented in the original case to identify procedural based issues and new interpretations of the law that might increase the chance for a just and favorable client outcome. Then we walk you through every step of the appellate process.

Is a court opinion in your favor being appealed?
If your celebration of a trial win has been interrupted by a notice of appeal, our appellate attorneys can help you prepare your case for the Appellate Courts. We will review the trial evidence to identify potential issues and respond with briefs to argue why the lower court’s decision should be upheld in your favor.

Niles Barton provides the following appellate legal services throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region:

  • Arguments before the Appellate Courts
  • Bonding Procedures for Appellants
  • Briefings
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Filing for Notice of Appeal
  • Review and Documentation of Procedural Based Issues
  • Review of Changes in Law and/or Regulations
  • Review of Evidentiary Records

Our appellate attorneys have significant courtroom experience and do their best to avoid an unfavorable outcome for clients in trial and on appeal. In addition to supporting the appellate needs of existing clients, our appellate practice works with clients of other litigation firms that do not handle appeals.